Tuesday, May 02, 2006

DRM in linux

I have heard statements by certain IT "experts" stating that linux is not a mature product because it does not include DRM. This will never happen for one reason the main group involved in writing this technology is Microsoft. Why would you expect them to give that away to other operating systems that compete directly with them. This is why DRM is dangerous. it gives companies like microsoft a foothold to force others out of business. Not to mention DRM technologies dont really prevent copyright theft because as long as there is encryption there is a hacker who is interested in breaking it. DRM also prevents a concept called fair use which allows you as a consumer to copy DVD's Music and such to new media for personal usage. For example if you wish to copy that favorite music CD to make a backup of an original, because i assure you a CD will wear out, that is perfectly within your rights. In an over zealous attempt to stop people from copying music from file sharing sites they take away the simple freedoms of consumers that legally purchased thier CD from doing with the CD what is within thier legal rights to do. One day i hope to live in a society that is free and unincumbered by corporate america, until that day i have to read stories referencing Steve Ballmer and his idiotic statements about linux. Mind you Ballmer has probably never seen linux or know much about what it even is. Ballmer, please only say good things about windows and when questioned about linux say 'i have no experience with linux so i cannot fully answer that question correctly!'