Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Overwhelming Outcry Dell we want Linux

We have been delivered an outlet to let Dell know that there are enough users that want Linux pre-installed. Dell opened a site giving people the opportunity to let them know what they want. In overwhelming numbers including myself the new thing people want to see from Dell is LINUX! It is about time Dell start taking the user base serious when they say it as well. I will not buy a system from any OEM until they start offering Linux pre-installed or some reasonable compromise. For too long the public has had Windows crammed down our throat. Now you dont even have the option of Windows XP just Vista. Consumer Choice is a good thing Dell. I can tell you that if they offer Ubuntu Fedora Core or OpenSuse my next home PC will be a Dell. If for some reason they offer notebooks with no OS or Linux I will replace my wifes old notebook with a Dell. This is what we as consumers want. I will give more credit to users that what most will in saying that even regular users can benefit from Linux at home. If all you do is surf email and word process a Linux OS will be fine. what more would they need.