Thursday, November 08, 2007

Fedora 8

So Fedora 8 seems nice to far however I struggled to get it installed to a virtual machine for some reason. Maybe its VMWare that causes the problem or Fedora I wasn't sure which. Fedora had problems seeming to find a drive to install to or finish installing to. it took sometime before it seemed to assign sdqq1 as my hard drive. after that it installed just fine. Root was a bit foreign to me after so long of using Ubuntu which disables root. I like the default GDM theme, its simple and has a multiple user concentric feel to it. Upon install I was greeted with the typical security updates needing to be installed and a very nice and simple gnome desktop. Unlike KDE which is possible to install on Fedora from the start. Update manager seems just as simple as any other distribution. I may attempt disabling root and enable Sudoers for my user account as Admin over the Bubble. All the usual suspects are there Pidgen(once called GAIM), GIMP, etc. Another thing that made this distro a bit daunting was the almost 4 gb size. I like this version over previous versions and will keep an eye out on this distro.