Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fedora Core 6

When I downloaded the DVD I didn't have my hopes up about anything good coming of Fedora Core 6. I had tried Fedora Core 4 for my wifes notebook and was sadly disappointed. it was slow and not very stable. Since then I have ignored Fedora. I installed it on VMWare Server. Some of the multimedia features didn't work out of the box. But the GUI is nice even though I absolutely don't like GNOME. One feature I did like was the auto correcting X config. I started playing with X Server to see if I could trick it into displaying on two monitors, once it discovered I messed up the configuration it reverted back with first asking if I wanted to. I was rather surprised of the results it seems 6 is more polished than previous releases. Still probably not the best distro around but its getting better.


I would recommend this for anyone who is wanting to try it. If you are an already happy user of fedora core it might even be worth the upgrade.