Tuesday, April 24, 2012

seems like its been a while

I'm terrible I know it. I need to update this more often but I don't. I'm doing this post just as a catch up post. I got into turning and it certainly took off. I became addicted to it right away. I have a 1950 Shopsmith Model 10ER which is a wonderful machine. I bought a jaw chuck and things have been easier since. I found a good deal on Teknatools website for a refurbished Teknatool G3. Picked up another set of jaws for smaller work but the chuck came with a 50mm set from the start. I mainly only use the lathe function. I also purchased a pen mandrel which Penn State Industries sells. I can mostly do everything on it.

1950 Shopsmith 10ER with pen Mandrel 

Shopsmith with Teknatool G3 scroll chuck.

First Bowl with my shopsmith since adding chuck. 

I have done some flatwork since getting the lathe. I made a bookstand in the William and Mary style for my moms birthday. The bookstand is mostly hand tool work. I cut the pieces to size on my tablesaw and lathe to turn the feet. Everything else is hand tool work. Fun project and I want to give credit to Chuck Bender for the design, work up on his blog, and magazine article.  His work on this inspired me to make one. Piece is made in walnut and has an oil and wax finish.

William and Mary Bookstand in walnut with BLO and wax finish

Also other work I have done lately;

Banana Holder for my Dad's Birthday

Chistmas Orniments I turned.