Monday, October 20, 2008

Wood projects

Have several projects I need to start soon before the design ideas slowly drive me crazy. I need to make an end table for my wife. She asked me a few weeks ago to build one. By her next birthday i promised to build her the jewelry armoire I promised to her when were first married. Also I have some maple I got because my brother drives a truck that picks up trash bins from different places. One of these places happens to be a cabinet shop which deals in maple and oak. they throw a lot of the wood away so I pick out what i need and re mill to my purpose. A friend of mine said something one time about wanting a coffee table so I plan on by next Christmas haven built one from that wood.

Flew my first SPAD

a few weeks ago I flew my first spad what a cool experience. for plane made of gutterpipe and coroplast I am impressed. need some work on the engine to get it flying just as good as the others I fly against. the streamer took the power down a notch.

I added a picture, I switched props from the one I initially flew with. I should be able to keep up with the rest of the spads I fly against.