Thursday, December 13, 2007

Windows Free and Loving it

Well I have finally dropped my windows partition after the past year or more of dual booting. This is all thanks to Ubuntu of course. I was having problems and needed to reinstall my Linux distribution and I decided to make the plunge. Thats it for windows on my home machine. One day I may convince my wife to drop her windows partition as well.

What I want for Christmas

After reading an article I found on i decided to post my own geek Christmas wish;

Geek Wish:
MythTV based DVR. I don't watch just a whole lot of TV but the shows I watch I might end up missing if it wasn't for the old invention of a VCR. That and with a DVR based on MythTV I don't have to pay my cable company an outrageous amount to rent the stupid thing.

Ultimate Geek Wish:
I want for Christmas a Linux Based PDA slash phone that I can use on my current AT&T network and for a reasonable price. But I am not stuck on the idea of sticking with AT&T if cellular companies are willing to give me a Linux based smart phone. I am tired of seeing the windows logo on all the smart phones available from the cellular providers in the US. It is high time that the US cellular carriers offer the choice of a Linux based smart phone for 50 dollars. I would think it can be done. Come on AT&T, Verizon, Alltel, Sprint or any other cellular provider offer something different for a change. I am sure there are customers of yours that would really like what I am asking for. Maybe even for next Christmas you can oblige!? How long have Asian and European Cellular customers enjoyed the choices of Linux palm or windows for their smart phones? Too long for the US to not have caught up. Its mind blowing how fast technology catches on outside the US for us to be considered the technological giants that we claim to be.