Monday, July 19, 2010

bought some more planes

I bought three new planes recently another jack plane but a good one, a long jointer which will come in handy and a router plane. the router plane is the stanley 71 has two iron cutters with it. router planes are for cutting the bottom of dados. The jointer is a wooden jointer made by Sandusky Tool CO and is 26 inches long. I need to flatten the bottom and sharpen the iron. The jack plane is a neat find. It's a bedrock plane but its not a Stanley. Stanley made planes for Simmons hardware under the Keen kutter line of planes. they made both the bedrock planes and the Baily designed planes. Its all about the frog for anyone who doesn't know a bedrock plane is a bedrock frog the frog attaches to the sole of the plane on a solid bed instead of the couple of points where the Baily frogs attach. You will see this design now on the Lie Nielson line of planes. I can imagine its expensive to make is why its not as popular since the bed it sits on has so much material to flatten.

dunlapped a plane

Ok its a bad pun but I started fettling another iron smoother. Someone sent me a smoother and I started by removing the rust with a wire wheel. takes the rust off really well. I have tried rust removal using evaporust before and while I like it, I find myself unable to get by and get some more. the wire wheel was helpful since it removes the rust well. the iron has a knick and i will have to cut a new bevel. flattening the sole should be easy but its a lot of work reguardless. I am kicking myself again for not taking pictures.