Sunday, March 20, 2011

I added the Tail Vise

today I mounted the tail vise. Its an antique Columbia I got for Christmas. Started one mortise and realized I need to replan how I will cut the mortises.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dell Computer Rant

Being a Linux user I was delighted to find that Dell started shipping laptops and PCs preloaded with Ubuntu. This has been a dream of mine for years. Lately I have been in the need of a new laptop for the wife. I dug around on their site for hours without an easy way to get to the Ubuntu preloaded systems. Before they had a link to the Ubuntu PC's and thats was it. Now it seems more mysterious to buy one. Why is it that they offer preloaded Ubuntu with no way to actually buy them? Then when you do get to a point where you see you are looking at an Ubuntu based system you don't have the option to upgrade any of the parts. The base Vostro 1015 comes with a Celeron which is a FINE processor so I will tell you its out of CPU greed that I wish to upgrade the CPU. I also would want more ram than the 1GB they offer. It is severely frustrating that a company offers preloaded Ubuntu systems with no real way to purchase them or upgrade them. I might even have to do the most unthinkable buy a windows laptop and upgrade the OS to my choice. Yes I did say upgrade for you windows fan boys because that is what it would be!

After some frustration I decided to try their chat with Dell system to ask if they still sell Ubuntu couldn’t get a straight answer though the Associate was very nice, I didn’t include his name or email address just the overall conversation. I got a little preachy at the end apologies there. It seems like to me that they have a Ubuntu site but no longer sell any systems with Ubuntu. They may sell servers with it, but as far as I could see no more consumer level pcs. Link he tried to send me too

Here is the conversation aside from the names I didn't change the conversation even the broken link is there which i fixed above. maybe I am being unreasonable or maybe the linked page is broken I couldn't tell.

15:53:54 System
You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat
15:53:54 System
Connected with Dell Sales Associate
15:53:54 Dell Sales Associate
Welcome to Dell US SALES Chat! My name is Dell Sales Associate and I will be your Dell.COM Sales Chat Expert.
I can be reached at ______________ or via phone at 1-800-289-3355 BUY-DELL ext. ________. How can I help you today?
15:54:05 Dell Sales Associate
Hi Joseph :)
15:54:13 Dell Sales Associate
How are you doing today ?
15:54:41 Me
I am fine just had one question, what happened to the Inspiron 15 laptops with preloaded Ubuntu?
15:55:15 Dell Sales Associate
Glad you chatted in today, I'd be happy to help you
15:55:45 Dell Sales Associate
All our system comes with windows 7 now
15:56:00 Dell Sales Associate
we have systems we ubuntu now
15:56:37 Dell Sales Associate
we up graded it to windows 7
15:56:38 Me
where are they, its apparent that its some secret that dell carries ubuntu
15:56:53 Me
thats not an upgrade in my opinion
15:57:24 Me
i dont want to buy a windows system just to wipe and install ubuntu is my basic issue
15:57:34 Dell Sales Associate
i mean we changed it to windows
15:58:07 Me
So basically dell dropped Ubuntu as a CHOICE?
15:58:15 Dell Sales Associate
i understand your concern
15:59:00 Dell Sales Associate
yes we no more sell the system with Ubuntu as operating system
15:59:42 Me
even though your company publicly says they do and works with Ubuntu to do so?
16:00:25 Me
i guess there is nothing more you can do for me then thanks and have a good day I will be forced to look elsewhere
16:04:05 Dell Sales Associate
we don't have inspiron 15 in ubuntu
16:04:25 Me
do you sell any consumer line models in ubuntu?
16:04:30 Dell Sales Associate
however if you want the system with ubuntu please check this link
16:04:40 Dell Sales Associate
Dell Sales Associate pushes page, http://_
16:05:30 Me
ive been to that link and nothing loads on it but a batter once you click the shop link
16:05:36 Me
16:05:56 Me
nothing there but the banner
16:06:45 Dell Sales Associate
i apologies but the that was the only way for the system s with Ubuntu
16:07:14 Me
does that mean currently there are no systems with ubuntu or just an error with the page
16:08:15 Dell Sales Associate
the link is working there might be an error on website
16:10:21 Dell Sales Associate
sorry for not being able to help you
16:11:00 Me
not your fault too bad dell isnt more upfront about dropping ubuntu as a choice mostly that I have to go to another company
16:11:14 Me
good day sir hope it is pleasent

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Base is assembled

I assembled the base. I had created the legs and left and right stretchers a few weeks ago. I had made the front and rear stretchers only to get interrupted for a little bit. I sometimes have to slip little bits of work in when I can.

This is the assembled base.

I saw someone had created some dog holes in the leg opposite where the leg vise will be eventually. I decided to do this as well. This is a good idea for two reasons. It gives you a place to store the holdfasts and acts similar to a sliding deadman for longer boards.

Next bit of work will involve working on the top for the end vise and mortising for the base. Leg vise is something I plan on but will come later after I make another interruption to work on a project for the wife.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

New addition to my family

My daughter Adelle June
Born March 1st 2011

7 lbs 1 oz
19 inches long

From Mar 1, 2011