Thursday, June 18, 2009

Busy Month

Well everything is crazy this month. Alot of birthdays and one in particular that keep me busy this month is my daughters birthday. Fathers day is in June of course.

I am fixing a friends airplane which was crashed two weeks ago. I have the wood worked and fixed have to recover the spots I took covering off. Then reinstall the engine and radio and it should be back up flying the next time we go.

I made a jewelry box for my niece which is in my Lumberjocks page.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Not doing much right now

So I found that the asus/windows Anti Linux site called site was registered with GoDaddy so my guess is its not put out by Microsoft or Asus. the site is really generic and the video is neat but is obviously not informative. So either its a joke or someone looking to get a job with one or the other companies. This issue was irritating because the Asus netbook comes with linux and one that Asus built so why would they of all people gripe publicly about linux.

Finished another table that is on my Lumberjocks page. Its a pine table I built for one of my nephews. First time building a drawer into a project.

I am working on a Jewelry Box for my niece. This is by far the most ornate woodworking piece I have ever built.

My brother is supposed to bring his table for me to refinish but has yet to bring it by. I cant get him to understand I don't have a way to get it to my garage. Its going to be a real bear to finish because he tried applying epoxy to the top.

RC airplanes:
Flew my spad again the other night its a fun plane. Got to try out the helicopter and it ran fine except the tail didn't want to stay straight after the first flight. My next plane I take out will be the Yak 54 I have been sitting on for 8 months. I am also working on getting my ugly stick moved over to 2.4 Ghz. Friend of mine crashed his pattern plane and I am going to rebuild it soon. His engine was having issues. I plan on putting it on a stand then test and tune it.

Over the winter I want to start building the Ultrasport kit I bought at Christmas. I will probably fly the yak this season then take the engine off, clean it then put it on the ultrasport as I finish it. I have retracts and retract servo for the new airplane and will take the servos out of the yak for it as well. I might end up giving the yak airframe to my friend who has his pattern plane in my shop. I rebuilt his helicopter as well. That was how I got interested in helicopters.

I am on twitter now so I have been distracted lately with it. I hope to get on track and fly more this summer. I have two projects this year I need to finish before starting on the airplane. I am going to be busy.