Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Doing a little bit

Ok, so the temperatures lately haven't lent me much enthusiasm in working lately. For a while during July I would attempt to work in the garage at 10 pm range and the temperature was still in the high 90s F. That certainly put a damper on my daughters table I am working on right now. I almost have the framework for the table base finish planed. All the joinery is done for that part. I wish to finish soon so I can get back to turning. I have a special turning coming up I wish to get started on. I bought the exotic wood blanks already just need to start.

I think I should also start on Christmas ornaments soon as well so i can finish them before December, last year the birdhouses were difficult to finish on time. I need to start some dovetail work in my flat work so I can get some practice. I have a couple of big projects I wish to do so I can get those finished. There are a lot of need to projects maybe I can get started soon so no one will have to hear about them anymore.

I posted a video on Facebook about education. It was a video about Henry Rollins. The more I hear him speak the more I like him. What he has to say is profound. His ideas on Education were dead on accurate. The same sex marriage video he has on you tube was good as well.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

probably will just get misquote

So it looks as if "You Didn't Build that" is going to go down as one of the often misquoted statements. Just like "I invented the internet".

Even though it wasn't his intent I go the extra step to say yes you didn't build it. You were a major factor in its success but nonetheless used the infrastructure for logistics. You leveraged the education system for your own skills and were inspired by a teacher. That same education helped the people you hire acquire the skills that you utilize to make your business grow. The FAA helps maintain the air traffic so goods make it their destination on time and intact. The government projects which lead to the legislation that formed and created the internet gave businesses a closer and more direct contact with their customers. Your business lives in relative safety from fire. The business is safe from theft and degradation. Even your ability to conduct business in a fair and equal manor is something we all pay for. We pay for these to establish a firm foundation so that all can attain success. We do this so that future generations can acquire the same thing. We do this for the common good.

Despite all that there are some who, through their means from having a successful business, lobby to remove any burden of repayment of these services. I cant say this is all who do this. there are some who realize that they have success because of the group as a whole. Even if its not the whole reason for their success its at least a part. I want to tell those who appreciate that fact, that we appreciate you. For the rest take it back a notch and remember we all contribute to each others success. I feel my success even just someone who isn't an entrepreneur is partly due to you. I freely give you credit at least in part. We all succeed in part with help from everyone else.