Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Changed format

Felt like changing my format. I would like to post stuff from now on about linux distros and the news relating to it.

For starters I will talk of Slackware. I have been reading through changelogs to find information about the 11 release coming in the future. One of my biggest dissapointments in the reading was that the 2.6 kernel will not be the default kernel. Instead the 2.4 kernel is going to continue to be the default. With no disrespect to Pat i think 2.6 is ready for Slack primetime. That is only my opinion folks. I do understand his hesitance however its time for the move. I did agree with his move to remove GNOME from the releases because of the same reasons however i will add one, its just ugly. GNOME I thought lagged behind in its visual apeal.

For Pat, Congratulations on your new daughter its a wonderful thing to welcome her into the world. I am a little slow on the news since it did happen in december of 2005 however the sentiment remains the same.

Just so everyone knows SimplyMepis 6.0 is scheduled for June 18th. I hope to experiment with this one on my notebook. I have heard good things about this distro. i have tried it on the Live CD premise but nothing more. Slax was another i tried that helped me actually move to the 2.6 kernel on my slackware install.


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