Thursday, July 20, 2006

Adobe and Flash Player for Linux

This is a bit of a gripe post. Adobe has yet to update its versions of Flashplayer for Linux. The most current version available is 7.0. the current version available for windows is 8.0. while I am ok with Adobe not updating the Flash Program that creates flash programs its not ok that they lag behind on the development of their player. So far we are being forced to wait till version 10 until a player is available for Linux. With more users leaving windows for Linux or OS X it becomes more apparent that those architectures should be considered too. OS X does currently have a player for version 8 of flash so what is the deal? Being that my primary PC at home is a Linux PC I cannot see how its possible for Adobe to delay any longer with more users like me switching to Linux everyday. All I can say is shame on adobe for not keeping its user-base in mind when making decisions.

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