Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rants VS Reviews

Recently I saw someone had posted a rant of Slackware 11 on OSNews from a fellow that rants on his personal web site for his friends to see. Since when did Linux nerds get so uppity about their favorite distros. While I disagree on some of his points I still use Slackware and like Slackware. However since when did someones opinion deserve such ridiculed banter. For what ever reason you like Linux or what ever distro is your favorite we are in this together. I might post that I dislike something and someone is bound to disagree but please keep it civil. Don't dismiss the intelligence of the author because you disagree. In my book that makes you unintelligent. Ultimately a rant is an opinion of the author to be cherished because of the freedoms we are afforded in life to like or dislike something. In a review things are different a review should be a fair and balanced look at whatever it is you are reviewing. The main reason why is that someone ultimately is going to take stock in what you write and will make a decision based on that. A lot of Linux reviewers often write to many glowing articles about distros they write about. i only wish they would take a more hard lined look and possible post the problems they had so that users would feel so alienated when the distro has problems on thier system.

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