Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ubuntu 6.10

I decided to try Ubuntu after many months of doubt of whether it would be any good. As popular as this distribution is I found it to be everything everyone says it is. Aside from gnome being the window manager I found it easy to use and well maintained. I tried it on my notebook and even took it on a trip and used the live cd copy to use when I was in Las Vegas. My parents live there and while I was there I used their computer. I was able to get the full functionality out of it. Another reason I originally didn't like this distribution was that I was under the impression this was a Linspire Like distribution. In trying it my only disappointment was gnome. Its hardware recognition was incredible and it was very easy to use. I can see any new user taking this disk and getting full use out of Linux. One thing though i thought was weird was that when I installed to a VMWare bubble it didn't have you set a root password then I figured out later that they configured this distribution to not have root active that you have to reset password to get root and that normal administration tasks were done through Sudo. I didn't mind this but having used Linux for a while now I thought it odd that I didn't have a default root user available. I think however that anyone can use this distribution and get along just fine. I can certainly see why this distribution is so popular.

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