Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ubuntu 7.04 + Sony PCG-F580

Tried this Distribution on my Sony Laptop. Boy was it wonderful. It found the hardware I needed it to find.

My Specs
PIII 650 Mhz Cpu
256mb Ram
12 gb hard drive
15.1 display

Booted from the standard i386 Ubuntu Live/Install disk. Booted just fine and I installed it to my Hard drive shortly after. Followed a few of the following steps on this link. On the Live CD it discovered and started up my Atheros based D-Link wifi card. So far its faster and runs smoother than OpenSuse 10.1 I had installed before. I installed the automatix program from the link I posted to get DVD support flash 9 installed and others I decided to try. As of writing this I haven't tried the DVD support but will soon.


Chris Johnson said...

I see this post is a little aged but I was wondering if you still use Ubuntu on this laptop? I recently installed 8.04 to replace Windows 98 and was surprised to find that it runs quite well.

Fred Blotnic said...

I have retired this laptop from use. I have a couple more laptops with newer hardware I use now.