Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ID software giving up on linux?

Well nothing is been said as definite yet, however in an article for a German publication ID representatives stated that there were no plans to release a Linux version. I will state that I am saddened by this and that the only reason I buy ID exclusively is that they build a Linux binary of their games. The market has been so dominated by DirectX that game writers are being locked into it as the standard which includes locking it into windows. If somehow ID software gets a chance to read this. I will state that you will want to think about it before just ignoring us altogether. I buy the windows game exclusively to download and install the Linux version. I will stop buying games altogether if another company decides to drop Linux. While I don't fault ID for this trend I feel its another company saying to us users that we cant get what we want because of the Gates Lock-in.

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