Thursday, February 19, 2009

Student drops out of school because of Linux

I found this story kind of unusual that someone would quit school because of Linux. The story turns out to be a case of mistaken identity of sorts. College Girl seeks a computer thinking all are the same but quickly found out differently. This story really baffles me for one reason how did she buy a Linux computer from Dell. The Linux offerings from Dell are only available from a special location on the website and at every turn remind you its not windows. According to the new story the model of laptop happens to be the same one I have. Now where I offer contention to the girl is in that she called the news agency when talking to computer people at her college would have been a better first step than to hastily think she was ripped off. From the news story it seemed like the people involved were willing to help her with it so she didn't drop from school. They probably would have been able and willing to do so without a news story being made about it. Some people are all to willing to call the media sometimes to solve their problems when a simple talk with someone more technical would have sufficed.

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