Thursday, March 11, 2010

An update

well I have been posting to Lumberjocks so I never keep up this blog. In November I started on a coffee table for a friend of mine. The table was maple from Cabinet shop Mis-Cuts. Coffee Table Project

Before that I made a Shaker inspired Bread Box for my wife in our kitchen. Project was made entirely out of Pallet wood. Breadbox Project

Made a mallet from the scrap bin I have for my dad and will make a second one for me. Also planning a marking guage. but here is the mallet.

Made a napkin holder from scraps I have after my wife said she liked this one we saw at an art festival. Napkin Holder Project

Made a wishing well for someones retirement this was actually sort of a commissioned piece. Wishing Well

Been buying old hand tools for usage. there is a whole series of posts I have made in the last 6 months of planes I have bought on ebay and local antique shows and stores. my collection so far consists of;

Millers Falls No 17 Block plane
Stanley No 75 Bullnose rabbet plane
Oak Leaf No E23 Transitional smoothing plane
stanley No 5 Jack plane
Millers Falls 814 economy Jack plane
Stanley No 6 Fore plane
Stanley No 51 Spokeshave
3/4 Round Moulding plane.

a few planes planes I wish to acquire in the future are;
Millers Falls N0 9 or Stanley equivalent
Jointer plane Stanley or Millers Falls
more moulding planes in usable shape.

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