Monday, October 18, 2010

quick update

Still working on my Roubo bench. Flattening the top every chance I get. I've glued up the legs but will start on the joinery next.

A coworker had a Austrian Pine die in his yard. He asked if I wished to collect any of it. Well I didnt have a way to get the log chopped or get it home at the time he needed it cut down. I asked though for him to cut a chunk off so I could maybe cut up a couple of bowl blanks from it for practice.

turning chunk of pine

Friend of mine's son is going as Yoda this year for Halloween. I had been thinking of playing with more turnings and even adding lightsaber to my repertoire. Still needs paint but overall a fun toy project.

wooden toy lightsaber

wooden toy lightsaber

well thats all for now.

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