Wednesday, September 24, 2008

1st step

Scoured over the plans for almost 2 hours on the floor last night to create a list of supplies I would need. In the way of balsa due to the size of this plane I am looking at possibly around seven dollars worth of materials. This is the most tedious part in my opinion so far. I think if I ever design my own plane either from scratch or by following a scale planes pattern I will try my best to consolidate the wood to a limited amount of sizes. The varied sizes I need were vast as many as twelve different sizes of balsa. The biggest expense of the project is in covering and plywood needed. There are three types of plywood being used. The hardwood used is a one eighth of an inch dowel to keep the elevator halves in sync. Later on I will try to calculate the amount of covering I need.

My list of Supplies;

1/16"x3/16"x 24"1
1/16" x3"x 24"4
3/16" sq x24"4
1/8" sq x24"3
1/8"x 1/4"x24"4
1/8"x 3/8"x24"3
1/8"x 1/2"x24" 2
1/4" sq x24"1
3/8" sq x24"1

my list of Balsa distributors I am looking into;
Lone Star
National Balsa
Balsa USA

As it stands now I may have enough balsa left over from other projects to complete my list of balsa without having to buy any. My plywood unfortunately I only have the 1/16 left from another project which really works out because the bulk of the plywood is in that size. Its also the downside because I still need to buy that plywood in the other sizes and only need a small amount of it.

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