Wednesday, September 24, 2008

first post about my scratchbuild project

I have flown model air planes for sometime and built a couple of kits. I have also been intrigued with building these air planes by both kit and scratch from a set of plans. Over the space of the time I build an air plane from plans that I bought from I will document them here. My plans arrived in the mail. I am eager to build one of these but current projects and time will restrict me. It will take some time to get started on these. The first I will start on is the Piper Cub which has a 46 inch wing span and is only 16 oz in weight. The second plane is a WWI biplane called the Spad XIII. Spad's were build by the French and are neat aircraft. The plans for the Piper Cub look less daunting for a first scratchbuild

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