Friday, February 25, 2011

Bench Update

When I started my bench I had no place to work. I made the leap and got the top done but didnt have a base for it yet. Well I am finding this has been the best thing that would happen to me. The top is heavy enough in which I can work on it to make the joinery for the base. I sat the bench on saw horses a while back but never did much with it. After drilling the dogholes another world opened up and I was able to use the grammercy holdfasts I bought from TFWW to hold down pieces of my base. I would recommend anyone who builds a bench use the top to build the base.

Here is one of the joints they arent pretty but strong.

Here is the assemble getting the stretchers that go in the front and back.

Not much longer work wise will I have left before I finish this bench.


Dyami said...

You're in the home stretch, Fred. Nice looking bench. What kind of vices do you plan to install?

Fred Blotnic said...

an antique Columbia on the tail then later will install a leg vise like a proper Roubo bench.

Dyami said...

Sounds like it'll clamp like a pro, Fred.