Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Finished another project

A project that has been in the making for about 6 years or so. I told my wife I will build you a jewelry cabinet. It got to be a joke around the family since it had not even been started until about last year. I toiled over the design several times and even restarted it last year after i started it. Once I finally settled on a design that I found pleasing I started building again. I tried to give it a Krenov feel though not sure how successful I was at that. I started off using oak for the majority of the cabinet. Then made up a cedar drawer to fit in the place where I decided it would go. I had some maple I found in my pile to use for the doors. I went back to Oak for the legs and base that would be screwed to the bottom. I finally made a tapered leg project on this one. I got a lathe in the last year just so I could turn spindles or shaker style knobs. The lathe I got to use by turning a couple of shaker style knobs for pulls on this cabinet as well. This has two sets of hook racks for handing necklaces or earrings. I used an oil and wax finish which is by far one of my favorite finishes. Oil and wax yields great results and is a perfect low VOC finish for small shops like mine. It starts with BLO ( boiled linseed oil ) applying till it is no longer needed. Then sand down with 0000 steel wool and rub on wax let film and buff out.

Jewelry cabinetJewelry cabinet

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