Saturday, January 11, 2014

4 in 1 screwdriver

CapnEddie a user on youtube did a video on 4 in 1 screwdrivers. He took a cheap 1.99 home depot unit and broke off the plastic handle from the metal inside. He then turned a new screwdriver to fit the old screwdriver.

I started by putting the piece on my lathe and using a bowl gouge turning off the plastic handle.

step one

After that I have a kit with a metal piece that needs to be epoxied in after you turn the handle.

step one

step one kit

I drilled in two steps first drilling a whole to accomadate the length of the screwdriver parts. Then a larger hole just deep enough to accomadate the little metal part. The rest is turned like any other tool handle turning a step to incorporate a ferrel.

step two

I used boiled linseed oil to finish the screwdriver.

 capneddie screwdriver without a kit

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