Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Ornaments Part 2

Part two is easy for me. Spindle turnings that hang from the bottom of a globe ornament to me is about the easiest to turn. I use woods closed in grain and straight as you can. This will make it easier to turn and prevent it from breaking when you get thinner. It is possible to use open grained woods I used oak on one of the pieces I did recently so I could ebonize it with vinegar.

Tools I use are a Spindle Roughing Gouge, Calipers, and Detail gouge or Spindle Gouge. You are going to start with a blank larger than the holes made in the globe you turned earlier. I start with the piece in my scroll chuck then brace onto the tailstock until I get them round. Keep as much stock towards the headstock as you move back. This lessons vibrations and helps for making thin spindles. When you finish shaping the spindle you then make tenon using calipers and a parting tool. I create a flange between the spindle and tenon to help cover the seam between the globe and spindle. I tend to like to shape the spindle to flow from the tip up to the globe. Meaning I curve or angle the overall high points along the length to come up to the globe shape in the middle. For the top spindle I use a simple shape to put a hanger in. I will use a brass rod shaped to a loop or I have used threaded eyelets before that gets glued or screwed into the top. I test fit the tenons before gluing them permanently. unfortunate thing for me is I totally flaked on documenting this part so I just added examples of what spindles look like on my pieces.

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